What do ENT Ear, Throat and Nose Specialists do?

what do ent doctors do

Otolaryngologists: The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists

Otolaryngologists are physicians who specialize in management and treatment of diseases that affect the noses, throats and the related structures of the body including diseases of the head and neck. They are commonly referred to as ear, throat and nose specialists abbreviated as ENT specialists.

The term ENT is accurate in describing what these physicians do. They offer both medical and surgical care to their patients. Since nose, throat and related diseases are quite common and can affect anyone, a good number of otolaryngologists are needed to serve the affected population. Such diseases are also many. Discussed here are some of the things ear, throat and nose and specialists do.


Conditions of the Ears

Several disorders and diseases of the ears are treated by ENT physicians. Some of these conditions include hearing loss, disorders affecting balance, infections, aches, pains and ringing (tinnitus). ENT doctors also treat similar congenital conditions.

Dizziness and vertigo, characterized by a feeling of motion without one, may be caused by diseases that affect organs involving in hearing. In such a case, the ENT doctor can manage these conditions through medications or surgery.


Conditions of the Nose

All conditions that affect the nose, sinuses and the nasal cavities can be managed by ENT physicians. Such diseases affect the physical appearances, breathing and the sense of smell. These diseases range from mild to life threatening such as obstructions of the airways.

Depending on the disease, the ENT specialist can prescribe medications or perform surgeries to correct the disorder. These problems are managed depending on the underlying causes.

Sinusitis is a common condition involving inflammation and swelling in the nasal passage. It is accompanied by build-up of mucus making it difficult to breathe through the nose. It can occur as a result of growth of polyps, deviated septum or infections in the nose. ENT specialists can treat sinusitis.


Conditions of the Throat

Numerous diseases can affect the throat, bringing negative effects on the ability to eat, swallow and digest food. Others affect speaking and singing abilities. ENT specialists are able to diagnose such diseases and offer their effective management.

Tonsillitis and adenoid infections occur quite commonly. They involve inflammation of tonsils and adenoids that are located in the throat. Their inflammation results into pain and difficulty in swallowing. ENT physicians treat tonsillitis and perform surgeries on them when needed.


ENT-related Conditions of the Head and Neck

Apart from the direct nose and throat diseases, ENT specialists also treat diseases, trauma, tumors, deformities and other diseases of the head and neck. For instance, sleep problems such as sleep apnea and snoring can be managed by ENT specialists. This is because they are associated problems in the nose.

Other abnormalities such as cleft palate, drooping eyelids and deviated septum can be treated by ENT specialists through surgery. Allergies, especially those involving the nose and throat are also managed by ENT physicians.


Specialized Knowledge & Experience

ENT specialists have the knowledge of treating the conditions affecting the hearing organs, nose and throat. They are trained to diagnose such condition and offer treatment options whether medical or surgical.