Ear and Balance

We provide services for all types of ear and vestibular disorders.

Common problems that we treat include:

1. Outer ear infections (swimmers ear)

2. Middle ear infections

3. Ear pain

4. Hearing loss (sudden or chronic)

5. Earwax cleaning

6. Ringing/Noise in the ears (tinnitus)

7. Drainage from the ears

8. Eustachian tube problems (pressure and popping in the ear)

9. Vertigo due to inner ear problems

10. Migraine associated dizziness

11. Chronic balance problems

12. Speech delay due to hearing problems

13. Perforated eardrum

14. Many others- please call or send an online appointment request if you are having an ear or balance problem that is not listed.

We have an audiologist available in our Kyle office every Wednesday to provide comprehensive hearing testing. Free hearing aid evaluations are scheduled on Fridays in Kyle.

If you need to be seen for hearing loss, tinnitus, or vertigo and you have not had a recent audiogram, we recommend you schedule an appointment on a Wednesday in the Kyle office. You will then be able to have your hearing test and see Dr. Evans at the same appointment.

Please call us at 512-550-0321 to schedule an appointment today!